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  1. Words that begin with the letter "B" in the Quran point to the vicegerents of earth, who contain the potential of ALL the Names.

  2. The spirit is both immortal consciousness & the composition of the Names of Allah comprising it. It is the essence & origin of the brain.

  3. Reincarnation is a misconception. Every form that is born is a new unique manifestation of the Names; a new SPIRIT to exist eternally.

  4. Man's only chance is to understand the Quran based on the letter "B". The essence of man is, like all things, the Names, but their totality!

  5. While Allah has endowed and adorned you with all of His Names, you think you’re a limited mortal, in denial of your own essential reality.

  6. Allah says, "None exists other than My countenance." Why then make your life miserable by arguing with Him & criticizing the things He does?

  7. Those who don't take a lesson will become a lesson. Those who fail to see the big picture will toil around with sissy pissies...

  8. Everyone will live the consequences of their thoughts and actions, even if they do not understand why. What you give is what you get!

  9. How realistic is the imagined Islamic unity, when the majority of the people comprising the Islamic communities denounce & degrade those who aren't from their path or sect, accusing a fakir like me of deviance, when for 50 years I've unrequitedly shared Allah & the System??

  10. Either the Mahdi came during the Hijri years 1400-1410 or it was the Mujaddid who came and the Mahdi is due to come in another century.

  11. The Quran is clear: death is near! Are we ready for an eternal life after death? Are we ready to part from loved ones and journey on alone?

  12. Ritual prayer (namaz) = gymnastics. Living (experiencing) Salat = Ascension! How to live Salat?

  13. How the Quran warns those who preach "good" to others but don't practice what they preach? (Quran 2:44)

  14. Salat is the ascension of the now. You can’t make up for what's past. The Rasul lived it 5 times a day. It is absurd to look for extra proof.

  15. The Rasul is the application of the Quran. If he applied something then it must be the necessity of the Quran. To seek extra proof is absurd.

  16. The source of the "Inciting Self", or ego, is the gut brain (the enteric nervous system), which is highly subject to astrological influences.

  17. What is the gut brain, which is highly subject to astrological influences & plays a big role in directing ones life?

  18. If you hadn't conditioned yourself that things 'had' to turn out like 'that' you wouldn't be burning like 'this'!

  19. One who believes in the verse, "It is He who creates you and your actions" will not burn.

  20. Everything you live is like a daydream, formed in your brain, not outside! How? 

  21. The brain does not see or hear anything; it only interprets incoming waves & creates your audio-visual hologram cocoon world!

  22. We do not really understand what love is; oftentimes we confuse "love" with "like". Love leads to burning!

  23. Your burning is caused by your failure to recognize that all things transpire as the wish & will of Allah!

  24. How little you thank! How can you overlook the blessings of your Rabb?

  25. One with a brain produces ideas & knowledge. One without, spends his life with hearsay and rumors!

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