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  1. Abandon your conditionings my friend, abandon your humanly emotions, stop thinking like a person and open yourself to the universal realities!

  2. You live and dwell within your imagination and your imagination alone!

  3. Engulfed by the illusion of a "self", we become captives of our bodies, and hence subjugated to the "antichrist of the illusory-self".

  4. There were no rights and wrongs; all things happened because they were meant to happen and that was it.

  5. The point at which the illusory self no longer defines itself as a body, the state to which the Sufis refer to as "uniting with Allah" occurs.

  6. True purification costs everything… It may cost our belongings, our loved ones, our identity and everything that is attached to it!

  7. A blessing does not reach you either because it is not ordained to or because you lack the ability to bear it!

  8. What you bear is what you get.

  9. The Observing One in your Essence is free from a star sign! Horoscopes pertain to one's body and spirit (the body of the life after death)

  10. Astrology defines your "world" not your Essence.

  11. Everyone eternally lives in their 'own world' formed by the database of their own brain... yet they think it is formed by others!

  12. Everything that you will leave behind with death is a provocation for you in the world. If you haven't detached yourself from them, they will be your fire (source of suffering) in the life to come.

  13. Sufism isn't gossip & babble about unity, its to purify your self & discover your true Being. It's for you. Not for others.

  14. If you can't surrender your entire being to your beloved you're a fake lover!

  15. Your love is to the extent you show it. The extent to which you don't show it is your ego!

  16. The biggest problem with Muslims and all people in the world is their lack of understanding of what is actually denoted by the name "Allah"! When one understands what is referenced by this name, their world, and their outlook on life and creation will be completely transformed!

  17. I rain & I flow on… The cloud doesn’t concern itself about where the water goes... that's the farmer's concern! He reaps what he sows.

  18. A "HUMAN" is free to have freedom! Yet freedom is a blessing with the highest price.

  19. One who does not respect the freedom of others cannot be free!

  20. How sensible is it to risk an infinite gain over that which you will most definitely lose?

  21. Your brain is flesh according to your eyes; neurons to a microscope; waves of data to science; the quantum potential; or 'the Divine Names' to Sufism.

  22. The Quran has come to awaken those who console themselves with the worship of their 'gods' to the Names of Allah comprising their essence. In order that they may fulfill and live by the requisites of this reality... Isn't anybody aware of this yet?

  23. Suffering is the result of carrying & re-living this moment in the next moment rather than leaving it here & being ever-present in the “now".

  24. Which freedom can you talk about when you are constantly being programmed and herded by the society in which you live!?

  25. Is salat (prayer) a collective or an individual practice of cult-like worship or ritualistic movements? Salat is an experiential reality!

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