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  1. If you want to be happy in the future evaluate and take lessons from your experiences but do not get stuck on the past. Be present. Now.

  2. Life sometimes makes us laugh and sometimes makes us cry but it always teaches us a lesson. Learn your lesson. Make your life easy.

  3. The moves of the waves are driven by the ocean. They rise & fall as the ocean wills. Observe the surface from the depth- the unmoving space.

  4. The worldly life is play & entertainment says the Quran. What you cry about today, you laugh about tomorrow. Only the bliss of eternity matters!

  5. The person whose counsel & advice you seek should be more knowledgeable than you. Don't seek help from a close one, seek help from a wise one.

  6. A brain that repeats the info in its databank rather than updating and producing new ideas is a brain doing injustice & wrong to itself.

  7. How much of your past self have you transcended? How much love and compassion are you able to give to others?

  8. Have you put yourself in others' shoes before making a judgment about them? How about if you were subject to the same conditioning as they were?

  9. Ramadan brings man the opportunity to discover his angelic/Nur-based essential nature and experience his real Self beyond the body.

  10. Ramadan isn't about hunger but about transcending the body and experiencing one's immortal spirit self beyond the body.

  11. Ramadan can become a blessing for all of us if we can refrain from all forms of gossip and attain certainty & closeness (yakeen) to Allah.

  12. The Rasul of Allah (saw) says "Make ease, not difficulty" & "Cause love, not hatred" Don't make religion difficult & burdensome!

  13. According to hadith, pre-dawn meal (sahour) is until its light enough to distinguish the black thread from the white, i.e. the light of dawn.

  14. Don't make life hard; no need to be so rigid & prescriptive about religion. Breaking your fast a few minutes early won't invalidate your fast.

  15. Break your conservitism: You don't have to have ablution to touch & read the Quran. The verse 56:79 is about the filth of duality (shirq).

  16. "None but the purified can touch it" is about being cleansed & purified from the dirt of shirq–duality, not about cleaning the body!

  17. The Quran wasn't even in the form of a book when this verse was revealed! How can we talk about 'touching' a book that doesn't exist???

  18. The Quran does not use the word PROPHET at all. It uses the words RASUL and NABI instead. Ever wonder why?

  19. The Quran brought an end to the concept of 'prophethood' and referred to this function as "RASUL of ALLAH" & "NABI of ALLAH”..

  20. None of the companions changed the words in the Quran to "O Prophet!" even though they were familiar with this word.

  21. A deity-god in space may have courier men on earth called 'prophets' but ALLAH only has RASULs and NABIs. Read the difference on our site.

  22. Faith does not accept meekness and docility. It's a matter of following your heart - of having courage, firmness and tenacity!

  23. Man is created with Allah's RAHIM name & is thus merciful. Rejoicing over a calamity that befalls others is inviting calamity upon yourself.

  24. If your tongue, hand & feet do not deviate from their purpose despite negative reactions & social pressure, u may call yourself a BELIEVER.

  25. My knowledge belongs to Allah and my body belongs to the earth... All else means NOTHING!

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