1. Death, is the changing of an individual’s perception, the experience of their own doomsday.  The individual will continue to live in the intermediate realm, in his own world constructed during his worldly life. The main difference between Man and other animals, is that Man is eternal. This comes from the light of knowledge emanating from vicegerency at Man’s core.

  2. The surah Zalzala is the metaphorical explanation of the experience of Man’s own doomsday (also known as death). This doomsday is experienced by all. AhmedHulusi explains the surah Al-Zalzala as follows: https://www.ahmedhulusi.org/en/quran/099-al-zalzala

  3. Why do we always forget that we can die at any moment, why do we continue living as if we’d never die? Because deep down inside we know for a fact that we are ETERNAL beings. As we also (mistakenly) think we are the body, this makes us feel that the body is therefore eternal. We hang on to worldly life as if we’d never die.

  4. To love, to truly love, should not be to imprison the one you love or to satisfy your hidden ego. ‘I love you so much that I want you to live MY way’... this is NOT love. LOVE is disappearing within the one you love, LOVE IS SURRENDER. Don’t try to imprison others with false love, for the clever ones tend not to fall for those using love as a trap!

  5. Some choose to die while still living, they choose to leave all worldly affairs behind and turn to their essential reality; while others desperately try and continue their existence, saying I’M NOT DEAD, THERE’S MORE TO ME YET by discussing matters they know little about. The mortal knows not his limits!

  6. You are PRISONER, not of others, but of your own mind! Your SUFFERING is not due to your experiences, but to your expectations, emotions, and assumptions that IMPRISON you! Live, experience, and move on! Don’t look back! Tomorrow is uncertain; so don’t set expectations! Love, but never build expectations, otherwise you will suffer!

  7. We tend to always look at the immediately apparent meaning of verses in the Quran. Whereas almost all verses have a deeper meaning. For example, take the verse: “For you is your (understanding of) religion and for me is (my understanding of) religion!”. Could this not be the call of eternal consciousness to the mortal (body)?

  8. Our perception will change drastically the moment we realize that we are eternal consciousness, beyond body!

  9. Make the best of your ‘now’.  When you recall the past, you automatically move the old memory to your hippocampus, ‘the active area’ of the brain.  This transforms the data from old memories to your ‘now’. Re-igniting the past is the greatest obstacle to living the current moment. Speak not of the past, abandon your past memories. Resurfaced negative events from the past will turn into harmful viruses in your brain.

  10. Our world when compared to a solar flare. In his book written forty years ago; The Human Enigma 1, AH had expounded (with supporting Hadiths) how the metaphors regarding Hell & Hellfire were actually describing the Sun and how it would eventually engulf the earth. https://www.ahmedhulusi.org/en/book/the-human-enigma-1

  11. In the years to come, the greatest medical development will be the curing of diseases by healing frequencies. The human body is a composition of a multitude of frequencies. Medical technology is on the verge of shifting from cellular healing to frequency healing. The world is changing rapidly!

  12. The most ridiculous of all fears is the fear of doomsday. No one on earth will physically witness doomsday as it is described in the Quran. In fact, the description of doomsday in the Quran is the metaphorical explanation of (the tasting of) death. Actually, the surah Al-Zalzala is the metaphorical description of death.

  13. Those who claim that references to ‘Men of the Unknown’ (The Rijali Ghayb) and members of the divine court are metaphors, are blind to the workings of the inner realm.  Those that are able observe reality for what it truly is know all too well that these references are literal!

  14. Expectations cause unrest, expectations cause suffering! You cannot live in the moment if you are mired by your expectations for the future. What is the path to an existence unburdened by yesterday’s and tomorrow’s? Abandon all expectations!

  15. There’s a clear difference between fondness, liking and love.  Mostly, we harbor fondness for the attributes of those we think we love.  So… what is love?

  16. Those that are stuck in the past live their days in false hopes and dreams. They are unable to live the moment and observe the unfolding reality of the moment as they are caught up living in the past. The value of the past belongs only to the past! Allah is in a new manifestation at each and every instant.

  17. When the brain receives a new piece of information it will attempt to solve it by matching it with existing information claiming ‘yes I know’, but this invariably leads to misunderstanding. The test of comprehending new information is the ability to extract new conclusions from it. If you have no new conclusions, you have NOT correctly processed the new information.

  18. It is Him who makes you experience death (life without the awareness of the biological body) in the night (‘Sleep is the brother of death’ – Hadith) and knows what you do in the day... Then revives you in the day until a specified lifespan is fulfilled... Then you will be returned to Him... Then He will inform you of what you do (enable you to evaluate your life in terms of its essence).

  19. The 60th verse of the surah al-An’am explains that those who taste death will experience the period of the grave until doomsday as if they were dreaming in their sleep. Your dreams are the experience of your life of the grave. For the holographic quantum brain there is no death, it will live on for eternity.

  20. Your dreams appear as reality until you awaken. Once you are awake you realize that your dream was an illusion in your mind. Hadith: “People are asleep, they awaken upon tasting death”. If we could only awaken from our corporeal worldly life, we would realize that everything is but an illusion of the mind.

  21. The origin of the brain and all of existence is two-dimensional data. Man, and all living creation come into being from a program in the single cell at their origin. The brain is the ‘software’ that contains that program. Our HOLOGRAPHIC EXISTENCE IS AN ILLUSION manifested by the software that we call the brain, and SO IS THE UNIVERSE.

  22. If you don’t appreciate good friends, serenity or peace of mind, you will be depraved of all of them.  Know the value of true friendship and a serene environment.  Regret won’t bring anything back.  Your ego is your greatest enemy and will distance you from all that is worthwhile.

  23. Your hopes are your dreams, while your experiences are your reality. Compare your hopes and your experiences and you will see how realistic you are. We are perpetually living in a dream world, our feet rarely touching the ground.

  24. The dishonest are the deceived! By the time they will have realized this, it will be too late!

  25. Someone says something hurtful...you get hung up about it, you lose sleep over it. In the meantime, that someone has already forgotten all about it. Your suffering will persist for as long as you don’t get it, for as long as you don’t learn your lesson.
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