1. If you believe in the afterlife, don't follow anyone blindly. Even if they have misled you, you will be the one to face the consequences.

  2. Materialistic feelings are temporary, even love. The love of Allah is eternal for the one who perseveres until becoming annihilated in HIM!

  3. If you desire to control your lover, when your passion eventually fades your paths will separate! Togetherness is for those of one path.

  4. Marriage is not for a common household, but for a common outlook on the ever after. Marriages crumble if the outlooks become skewed.

  5. You will leave everything behind. Live for Allah! Make friends in the way of Allah! You will answer only to Allah, so live accordingly!

  6. For those insistent on stoning wrongdoers to death: Jesus said that the one who is without sin is the one who should cast the first stone!

  7. Perhaps one of the greatest sins to atone for in the afterlife will be judgements on gossip based on hearsay.

  8. Some love with their intellect, for better or worse. Some love from their hearts, accept everything as is, and find wisdom in every action.

  9. Your love of Allah is as deep as your consent for His actions. Question the scale of your FAITH if you cannot consent to the Creators actions.

  10. Without faith for The Rasul of Allah Muhammad (saw), any belief becomes faith for an imaginary, nonexistent god.

  11. O mankind, know that all your experiences and feelings are the outcomes of your inner world, but you continue to assume them to be external!

  12. Know this and speak accordingly: You may mislead people for a while, but eventually the truth will always surface.

  13. No Nabi before the Rasul Muhammad (saw) has ever explained the reality of the afterlife nor the mechanics of the system of Allah!

  14. "RECITE" the adhan just once and you are bound for heaven.

  15. Your greatest mistake is thinking you are the body, and limited by its abilities. Religion has come to you to far warn you of this reality.

  16. Religion is to show you that there is no god, for you realize that you are beyond the material and that you exist with the qualities of Allah.

  17. Sufis have been telling us to question ourSELVES, to seek answers internally for centuries. Only now does science also confirm these realities.

  18. Contemplative minds seek out someone who can answer their questions and satisfy their curiosities, whilst non-thinkers waste away in gossip.

  19. Your suffering stems not from events that you encounter but from your conditionings related to those events. Food for thought!

  20. Allah does not inflict suffering, those who misunderstand the mechanics of Allah inflict suffering on themselves by going against the system.

  21. Prophets exist to save you from suffering and for you to grasp the mechanics of the system. Those who DECIPHER the system of Allah will benefit.

  22. For whom did you fast? May the discovery of your Rabb within your depth be fulfilled. Blessed Ramadan and Eid al-fitr.

  23. Another Ramadan has come and gone. Did you benefit? What changes has it brought about in your life?

  24. O Allah! I declare that at each instance every iota of my being becomes manifest through your knowledge and power. I surrender to your command.

  25. O Allah, make me live the remainder of my life in testimony of and in conformity with the reality disclosed by your Rasul.

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