1. Forcefully imposed ideas never last, so It's impossible to enforce that which people don't like. Separatism=breakdown of mutual understanding.

  2. Your character forms your destiny. Don't blame anyone for your experiences, as it's your character that drives your conditionings.

  3. To see your destiny, analyze your feelings and emotions. They dictate your future and your path. Question your thoughts and your actions!

  4. Discussing the concept of UNITY without abandoning the ego and experiencing the reality of Allah is no more than idle gossip!

  5. You are being told to purge your jealousy, hatred and anger, because these emotions aren't part of your essence. They are acquired conditionings.

  6. People cannot experience their humanity and are bound for eternal suffering until they purge their conditionings. Save yourSELF, Purify!

  7. People suffer in life, in the afterlife and in hell, due to their conditioning based actions and thoughts, whilst the purified are redeemed!

  8. Human nature, i.e. traits such as clumsiness, aggression, autism, impetuousness never changes and cannot be altered!

  9. Possessiveness, materialism, hatred, jealousy are characteristics that are based one's conditionings. These CAN be altered!

  10. Human nature can sometimes be suppressed through medication or dhikr, but never changes. Only habits based on conditionings can be changed!

  11. Whether destined for heaven or hell, suffering continues until people are purified from materialistic conditionings. The purified are redeemed.

  12. You cannot love Allah unless you love humanity! Religion exists to inform us why we should love humanity indiscriminately of their actions.

  13. Existence is the manifestation of Allah’s qualities, actions that you consider flawed are part of a greater scheme. All actions are Allah’s will.

  14. All humanity will eventually get to know their essential reality, become tolerant and reach redemption. Such is the grace of Allah.

  15. Become aware of your limitations, abandon the rebuttal of what you cannot grasp so that you can end your suffering and attain inner peace.

  16. It is you who are in servitude to Allah, not the other way around! Allah does as he wills at each instance, realize this and end your suffering.

  17. Allah does as he wills, as all apparent (Az-Zahir) everywhere you look. Whether you approve or not, all that you see are HIS actions.

  18. Accept everyone as is, regardless of their capacity for growth or change, for that is how they were created. Just OBSERVE.

  19. There is only NOW! The past and the future are simply illusions in the NOW, a snapshot of data existing only for an instant.

  20. Effective prayers during the lunar and solar eclipses: "HasbunAllahu wa ni’mal wakeel" and "lā ḥawla wa lā quwwata illā billāh."

  21. If your love is not for Allah as all that is apparent, then you are alone with your illusory god. Love Him even when you dislike what He does.

  22. The most worthwhile worship is the LOVE OF ALLAH, the all apparent, with whom you are faced with at each instant. That is Whom you embrace!

  23. Having the ability to abandon the cocoon of ones conditionings is rare gift. Where and how you grow up is of little relevance, what’s critical however is the capacity to purge the useless conditionings lodged in the brain and encounter existence for what it is!

  24. Allah creates everything about you through you! Allah does, then gives you the feeling that you did. Heedlessness starts with the “I did”s and eventually leads to suffering. Think of the verse ‘Allah created you and all that you do’!

  25. Everything pertaining to finite worldly life is the metaphoric formation of knowledge. Metaphors are finite! Knowledge is forever! The existential form of the Kaaba is finite, it’s informational existence is forever. The Kaaba is the metaphoric form of the informational human brain, it is for this reason that it is a mirror to the human heart. The Hadith that refers to the seventy thousand angels that visit the Kaaba never to return again refers to the angelic astrological forces affecting the human brain at each instant. Those who taste death are transported from the metaphorical world to their own metaphoric existence. The aware perceive existence as knowledge based, while the unaware perceive existence in its metaphoric form.

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