1. Only those that realize their state of absolute surrender to Allah are those that attain a state of closeness!

  2. It’s become customary among Muslims to wish a blessed Friday, but it's meaning is ignored! What have you done for your Friday to be blessed?

  3. Sacrifice is made and donated to the poor in gratitude for pilgrims that repent and are absolved at Arafat. Our duty is to sacrifice the ego!

  4. Those that sacrifice their ego/identity earn passage to paradise. Crossing the bridge of sirat demands the ultimate sacrifice; the ego/self.

  5. Those that sacrifice their SELVES for Allah, end their quarrel and live in surrender to Allah attain paradise. Slaughtering a goat isn’t enough.

  6. Isn't it selfish to feed the hungry during Hajj and ignore them the rest of the time? Still hoping to attain paradise for a slaughtered lamb?

  7. Eid Al Adha comes the day after redemption prayers made at Arafat and a sacrifice made in the name of gratitude. We celebrate their celebration.

  8. Per the hadith "Hajj is Arafat", they will have experienced Hajj upon observing Arafat today. And tomorrow will be the celebration of Hajj. And we celebrate the fact that their sins have been absolved and they have become 'Hajji', and pray that we too experience the same one day.

  9. Hadith: It pleases Allah to see His subjects adorned in His blessings. Inner meaning: It pleases Allah to see His vicergency on his subjects.

  10. Not one of us has chosen to be Turkish, Kurdish or Arab. It's satanic thought patterns that discriminate, separate and ABUSE.

  11. Nothing easier than blaming others. How thoroughly do you question your SELF?

  12. Everyone can fight. How many people do you know that are full of love, kindness, and caring?

  13. If you don't believe in Allah and His Rasul and you’re honest, might as well demand that your funeral not proceed according to Islamic custom.

  14. The hypocrite, lives according to Muslim values however has no faith.

  15. Hypocrites protecting one another protects he who has no faith in his essential reality, the one who denies Allah (kafir).

  16. Blasphemy, is the denial of Allah. Evident blasphemy, is denying what is referred to by the name Allah for the sake of an imaginary god.

  17. Hidden blasphemy is the inability to realize existence is composed of the names of Allah and that all you see is the appearance of Allah.

  18. The verse “He created the heavens and the earth in Truth” emphasizes that whatever exists, has come to be through the names of Allah.

  19. In chess, loss is almost a certainty if your strategy is based solely on your next move!

  20. Your brain is capable of forming infinite compositions. Using it solely for worldly matters will lead to utter disappointment.

  21. When you are asleep, how present are the things or people you deem most important? Death and sleep are alike. Something to think about!

  22. Sufism and smoking cannot coexist. Whether it's cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, the first requirement of sufism is mastering one's self and desires.

  23. Avoid labeling the person who is warning you. It will distract you from the warning. HEED THE WARNING!

  24. It's impossible to explain the Quran to those who disregard its verses and the Hadiths or to those with no understanding of the Human brain!

  25. The concept of "I" is created by Allah, the creator of your existence AS your brain. Therein lies the key to ALL understanding.

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