1. Sufism is the experience of the reality and thus concerns the individual not the whole family/clan. Give them their due, don't be their slave!

  2. Without annihilating the self and experiencing the awareness of your submission to Allah, Allah won’t witness through you that 'there is no other’.

  3. Allah has created some to administer the worlds with and some purely for Himself. They are His vessels. With them He sees, hears and speaks.

  4. The most powerful manifestation of Allah's name al-Wadud is LOVE. Thus it is said "Allah is Love", the source of all attraction in existence.

  5. When love manifests the self disappears. The lover first submits himself to his beloved, then loses himself totally. Only love remains!

  6. Wisdom is to see the reasoning and purpose behind an activity. The ignorant judge simply based on what is seen. The gnostic see the wisdom.

  7. All formations are from the grace of Allah. To see this requires wisdom. One who can't see the wisdom in something can't see the grace.

  8. To see the grace in what you're experiencing you need to be able to see the wisdom. If your complaining you're not seeing wisdom and grace!

  9. You can't love one in whom you don't see yourself. You can only love someone who is a mirror to you. It's the reflection that you love, not the form.

  10. You won’t feel attracted to one who isn't created with the elements with which you are and hence doesn't mirror you. Thus is the mechanics of love!

  11. To expect one to indulge you in pleasure and keep you clear of suffering isn't love, it’s an animalistic instinct. Love has no expectations!

  12. To love Allah means to experience absolute unity and oneness after observing one's essential infinite limitlessness on the mirror of Allah.

  13. Without burning in the fire of love… Cleansing yourself of your 'self'. Becoming one with the One. And giving unrequitedly… Can you be HUman?

  14. How much can you trust the friendship and love of one who's there for you when you act in their interest yet turn away as soon as you don't?

  15. Most people can't comprehend the naked truth due to their conditioning and emotions. Thus the Quran employs the language of symbols and metaphor.

  16. Our actions reflect our real world. The results of our actions are in this world. The results of our intentions are in the next.

  17. If you feel a sense of burning/suffering after any event/experience it is for no other reason but your ego-based stance and your desire to possess.

  18. Understand well that the penalty for every conditioned belief is burning and suffering. Thus is the mechanism of the name al-Hasib.

  19. The system of Allah is clear and simple: you will suffer for every person and event that you take personally. If you don't get PERSONal, you won't burn.

  20. To love is one thing, to believe is another. You may not fully believe someone you dearly love. Love is from the spirit, belief is from the mind.

  21. LOVE isn't by choice. But belief is driven by the mind. You may not believe something your mind can't comprehend, but you may still love it. Hence, it's risky to live close to some loved ones, whose seemingly senseless actions may go against your conditioning and destroy your beliefs.

  22. Oneness (tawhid) is you observing and witnessing the oneness of Allah. Unity (wahdah) is Allah witnessing His own Oneness.

  23. Every person and society will live the consequences of their own choices. Whoever you may be, you're bound by the society in which you live!

  24. Your structural differences does not exempt you from facing the consequences of the choices your society makes. Don't complain. Take action.

  25. Depression and mania result from the brains inability to find a solution. This predicament leads either to a deadlock or to excess behavior.

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