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  1. How can one who is unaware in the awake state, like in a dream, of the hologram world of his brain, realize the administration of His Rabb!

  2. Big & significant changes in life usually begin with little "insignificant" things. Nothing should be undervalued, every formation is a step.

  3. How interesting, those who are unaware of the Quran claim to be "Mu'min" and those unaware of their submission claim to be "Muslims"!

  4. Assumed to be a "hodja", he lies gossips slanders then claims, "I'm fasting, I'm a Muslim" believing it to be true... The end of times indeed!

  5. May Allah make it easy for us to grasp the realities disclosed by the Rasul of Allah (saw), and to live in accordance with those realities; rather than to pick on one another!

  6. For those unaware of the magnificent attributes underlying the brain formed by Allah, and live assuming they are only the body.

  7. Those who live as if they are only the body, unaware of the magnificence Allah has bestowed within the brain are welcome to read Quran 39:53.

  8. To avoid distress and regret don't accuse others without reason; question the causality of their actions.

  9. Your prejudices are the cause of your sorrows. Events will continue to distress you until you desert them and achieve unbiased observation.

  10. The Quran says; each individual consciousness will taste death (bodiless ness), be aware when buried, and be tested by angels. Prepared?

  11. He for whom something has not been ordained will have plenty excuses, thinking things didn't work out for one reason or another.

  12. The problem of both minds that think and ones that don't, is not being able to realize the meaning of what is referred by the name "Allah".

  13. The Basmalah starts with the name "Allah" and by its first letter "B" infers that you will only find HIM within your essential reality.

  14. Duality is the delusion that the "I" exists separately from Allah, and thinking that actions originate from the self. Read Quran 37:96.

  15. Before the Quran, all Nabi and Rasul's invited us to faith in Allah, whilst Muhammad (saw) invited us to faith based on the letter "B" Quran 4:136.

  16. One day, maybe accidentally, you will be cutoff from your adversaries, but will continue to fight them in your world, just like in a dream.

  17. You exist for self (the qualities of Allah that are your reality)-realization. Your brain is the throne of your Rabb. He wishes, you enact!

  18. No one is accountable for another. Everyone lives the outcome of his or her world. An un-purified world, life void of intellect and query is sad.

  19. Hell is the current and future state of those (brains) perceiving themselves as flesh. When they realize it isn't so, it will be too late.

  20. In "He who knows his consciousness knows his Rabb"; the said consciousness is in fact the brain.

  21. Hadith: Man is created in the likeness of the Rahman."Likeness of Rahman" is the potential of the names of Allah in the brain, and is eternal.

  22. The brain remains in the world created by its database from when it TASTES death until judgement day. Your Rabb is the reality of your brain!

  23. Love of Allah is not the love a god up in the heavens! It is HIS endless appearances you continually see. It is impossible to love another.

  24. Do not wish affliction upon the ingrate, for trouble is already upon him due to his state of ingratitude.

  25. "Indeed, Allah does not forgive shirq (duality) but He forgives lesser sins other than this, as He wills..." Quran 4:48.

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