1. Most depictions regarding Doomsday in the Quran are metaphors symbolically explaining the experience of a person's own death.

  2. When the symbols in the Quran are not decoded but taken literally it leads to Wahhabism and thus the idea of a deity/god in space.

  3. The darkening of the sun = the silencing of the mind after seeing the truth. The falling stars = thoughts losing their validity & function.

  4. Death is the doomsday of the person. Bodily life is like paralysis. A true human will awaken and arise as consciousness/spirit after death.

  5. What new thing did I do today to challenge & transcend myself or to gain new perspective & insight?

  6. If one desires change, your words may be the trigger, but never the real cause, for one can only live the requisites of his own disposition.

  7. Maturity can be seen in a reaction to an unfavorable situation. While the crude whine and groan, the mature observe wisdom.

  8. If you refrain from telling the truth just to avoid upsetting another, you will only cause yourself to become more upset, sooner or later.

  9. Why do we make life hell for others & ourselves over things that don't even mean anything after a few hours/weeks/months? Is it worth it?

  10. May the three sacred months be prosperous for us all. May Allah protect us from lies, deceit, gossip, hatred, enmity, and enlighten our hearts.

  11. Some claim they believe in the Quran yet they haven't even read its translation/meaning. How can you believe in something you don't know?

  12. Beneath many mistakes lies the assumption that others are like ourselves. Leave this assumption & try to get to know others for who they are.

  13. While conditioned thoughts can cause suffering to one, it can cause joy&peace to another. Purify your world of thoughts, end your suffering.

  14. Spread peace if you want to have peace, spread tranquility if you want to be tranquil.

  15. Every brain reaps what it sows. If you sow love, compassion, amicability, you won't reap hatred, violence & enmity.

  16. Smile to the world & spread love, even if others judge you. Throw water on the fire of hatred & dispute, even if by drops...

  17. You think you're thinking whereas your thoughts are creating you. The reality of a thought originates from the quantum potential!

  18. Missing someone you love is the result of the magnetic connection and addiction between the two brains.

  19. No matter who you are, those who criticize & disagree with you are always going to be more. Don't let anything stop you from sharing your truth!

  20. The biggest failure is to say something you don't believe just to please others. Being tortured to death didn't stop Mansur from saying "I AM”.

  21. Nothing can be more comforting than having a clean conscience. Have you experienced the comfort of being able to say, "I did my best”?

  22. Do you live your life in a way that if a sudden stroke or hemorrhage were to part you from all your loved ones you wont say, "I wish I had/hadn't”?

  23. Live your life as though there is no future. Do everything you want to do today. If you love someone tell him or her now! Live the moment!

  24. Your Rabb gives you patience by allowing you to think there is wisdom in what you're living, which naturally results in patience.

  25. The current winning theory proposes that we're all holographs and that the universe really is, basically, the Matrix.

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