1. Knowledge is for purification, not arrogance. Knowing it all stokes the ego, and ego brings suffering and suppresses love.

  2. At your death, you will realize the extent of your potential. You will also realize what you have eternally forsaken, why and for whom.

  3. The knowledge of unity stokes the EGO and makes it grow. We are oblivious to it, just like a frog being slowly boiled alive.

  4. Respect for the freedom of others is never asking where they are, what they're doing and who they're with.

  5. YOU are the leading actor of the story line that is your life, those around you, it's supporting actors. YOU exist for your own discovery.

  6. Being accepting of Allah means being unreservedly accepting of HIS appearance in the one in front of you as he does whatever he wills!

  7. How great is your love? What part of your day is set aside for the one you love? What do you sacrifice to be with them? What do you share?

  8. Never ask a question if you're not prepared for the answer. Otherwise you risk disappointing everyone including yourself.

  9. Life is up and down. Don't be swept up in your emotions so that you can make the best of being appreciated and of those that appreciate you.

  10. Make the best of everything that you fear losing, for Allah takes away everything that you take for granted... and it never comes back!

  11. If everything you know will become worthless in the afterlife, what are you learning about yourself that will be of value after your death?

  12. How will you cope when you realize that experience counts and knowledge doesn't? Such is the reality of the afterlife, excuses have no merit!

  13. Those who come to you for something leave once they've obtained it, those that come for Allah will remain. Only time tells which is which.

  14. Hell is on everyone's path. Saints, Nabis and Rasuls pass it without suffering, while believers suffer to the extent of their flaws.

  15. The Hadith confirm that those close to the Rasul used to consume suhoor up until sunrise. Do whatever is best for your conscience.

  16. Hadith: "Make easy, not difficult, make pleasing not unpleasant". Coercion has no place in religion, it leads the coerced astray.

  17. Realize that your essence is none other than the Esma-ul Husna, it makes you instantaneously experience the results of your thoughts and actions.

  18. It's Ramadan! Try to understand your essential reality and what you will be faced with in the afterlife... what you find may be liberating.

  19. The Quran 13-31: "had Allah willed, He would surely have enabled the realization of the absolute reality to all of mankind!" Do not coerce!

  20. Some exist to experience their essence, some for worldly life. Those destined for hell cannot experience their essence no matter what you do!

  21. You were dead and we resurrected you, means that you were resurrected from ignorance to the knowledge of your reality!

  22. What people feel and experience internally is their business. If they are seeking our input, their actions are what concern us most!

  23. If your personality is formed by expectations from your surroundings, you are a slave! Know yourself! Shape your life through knowledge!

  24. Materialistic people can make life a living hell for you, but there are people of reality that can make your lives paradise.

  25. If you are unable to sense people's intent, your only chance to understand them is to analyze their actions.

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