1. To experience nothingness, one must first shed their sense of self. Without nothingness, one can never experience Allness. And it’s only by Allness that the Oneness of existence can be observed. It’s torture to expect something from someone if they have not been created for it. Some can experience reality, some make do with idle gossip around those that experience it. Everyone lives out their creational purpose regardless of what they are told.

  2. The most worthwhile worship is the LOVE OF ALLAH, the all apparent with whom you are faced with at each instant. That is whom you embrace! If your love is not for Allah as all that is apparent, then you are alone with your illusory god. Love Him even when you dislike what He does.

  3. It’s extremely harmful to YOU to cheat others from what’s rightfully theirs, don’t do it! The warnings that state that you should consider others before yourself lest you turn into a monkey are for this exact reason! For those that cheat others gradually lose their humanity! The greatest harm about wanting something to be yours is that you eventually become imprisoned by what is yours. YOU are a manifestation that is way beyond what is yours. Allah creates everything in existence that He wills at each instant - being oblivious to this reality is a blindness that leads to the perception of duality and endless suffering!

  4. If thanking another is the same as gratefulness for your essential reality (Hadith), then what is ingratitude? Can the ungrateful ever face their essential reality? Your troubles come not from Allah but from your SELF.

  5. The realm of Allah is vast. Go where you find serenity and peace.

  6. The system of Allah commands a cost for all you desire, the foregoing of something of value to you.

  7. Allah may frown upon you from one side and smile upon you from another.  Find the ones that smile to find serenity and peace.

  8. While its winter in one part of the world, its summer in another.  The choice is yours.

  9. No one can compel you the way you yourself can.

  10. You can't attain what you desire without sacrifice.  Nothing compels you - you feel compelled because you can't face the sacrifice. 

  11. Whatever you do, you do onto yourself.

  12. Those that cannot contemplate on the meaning of Az-Zahir cannot grasp its value or evaluate its wisdom, and they will spend their lives struggling with others.  This is what suits them.  Virtue is in manifestations aligned to the meaning of Az-Zahir.

  13. To Cem: Do you think that your perception is limited to the five senses?  Your existence takes place within a magnetic field, a field composed of all the frequencies emitted by the brains within it. And you are an integral part of this field. Loving brains emit frequencies whose amplitudes depend on the power of the emitting brains, and these frequencies are perceived by other brains that that manifest similar qualities. The same applies to brains that emit hatred or anger.  The frequencies don’t cross, each brain feeds on its own type of frequency. The greatest addiction that exists is that of the need for love, and it feeds from brains emitting those very frequencies.

  14. Allah created humanity for Love. It is love man has towards His essential reality, Allah. With love, man surpasses his existence and united with Allah. Once united with Allah he experiences nothingness and once he sees that it existence there is nothing outside of Allah. He observers the manifestation of Allah through all that lives and then he experiences each and every instant of this existence in awe and observation. We exist to discover and attain our essential reality, we exist to become naught! May LOVE find you! (01/21/2018)

  15. “‘O you who have believed; Aminu B’illahi’ That is, ‘O you who have believed, believe in Allah in accord with the meaning signified by the letter B.’...” (Quran 4:136)

  16. “So, believe in Allah, whose Names comprise the essence of your being, and his Rasul, the Ummi (unlettered) Nabi, who believes in Allah, the essence of his self, and what He disclosed...” (Quran 7:158)

  17. Is the god in whom we have either believed or not believed, but in any case, of whom we have been conditioned to think in a particular way, the same as the Allah that Muhammad (saw) disclosed?

  18. “...Indeed, Allah is Ghani from the worlds (in terms of His Absolute Essence, Allah is free from being conditioned and limited by the manifested compositions of His Names).” (Quran 29:06)

  19. “And whoever is blind (unable to perceive the truth) in this life (outer life) will also be blind in the eternal life to come (inner life) and further astray in way (of thought).” (Quran 17:72)

  20. Indeed, wherever you turn with your insight and consciousness you can observe the face of the Divine, as He is Eternal and Omnipresent! That is, Allah is eternally present yesterday, today, tomorrow and forever!

  21. “Within your own selves (the essence of the self). Will you still not see (realize)?” (Quran 51:21)

  22. “...We are closer to him (within the dimensions of the brain) than his jugular vein!” (Quran 50:16)

  23. Knowledge, Will and Power! Aleem, Mureed, Qadir!  Everything that transpires from our brain is due to the respective expressions of these qualities.

  24. “...And He is with you (the origin of your being) wherever you are (as your reality exists with His Names)... (This points to the unity of existence beyond the illusion of duality).” (Quran 57:4)

  25. “...So wherever you turn, there is the face of Allah (you are face to face with the manifestation of Allah’s Names)...” (Quran 2:115)
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