1. Some believers bare witness to the prophethood (Nubuwwah) of Muhammad Mustafa (SAW), some to His personification of Allah’s knowledge (Risalah), and some to both. The majority of saints on the other hand bare witness to the secret of Abduhu, a nuance that only the companions of the reality can understand.

  2. If your LOVE is not to ALLAH, you are doomed to remain a prisoner of your corporeality.

  3. Those that content themselves with the theoretical knowledge of reality without actually feeling its meaning are seriously deceiving themselves.

  4. Those whose lives are spent on fun and games shall spend the afterlife being played with.

  5. While you were living a life unaware of your true nature and thinking you were a mere mortal, we made you aware of your absolute reality and your immortality. That is the meaning behind “you were dead, we awakened you”.

  6. Those who are DETACHED from their reality can never escape the confinement of data and corporeality, they can never escape the captivity of Satan and become free! Only those aware of their servitude to Allah can be FREE. If only you knew.

  7. Expectations are ‘the call’ of the ego. Allah creates his servants as He wills and observes. (Ash-Shaheed)

  8. The expectations you build during the day become your DREAMS at night. In turn your dreams stoke your expectations... and round and round it goes.

  9. The unenlightened have a structural need to create godheads. They have been created and formatted to live a life of corporeality. The enlightened on the other hand exist only to seek out Allah within.  The unenlightened are created, they are formed, while the enlightened become manifest by the command ‘ja’alla’!

  10. Avoid gossip and slander at all cost! Why? According to the pious (Abrar), it’s a sin.  According to the enlightened (Muqarrabin), duality! Allah is bereft of duality. Servants of Allah are bereft of duality! So?!

  11. Could it not be said that death is in fact the black hole of mankind…A transformation from a corporeal existence to an existence without the body?

  12. Death is the black hole of mankind.  The conscious being called Man abandons the body and continues his existence in a different realm thanks to the holographic consciousness which is the brain.

  13. There’s only one dimension; The Quantum/Data Two-Dimensional Universe. The rest is but an illusion! Can you fathom what this means?

  14. Good morning! The mandatory days are upon us... With the arrival of Ramadan, the process of renewal commences. We will either be renewed or we will be excluded. Either we will seek salvation in truth, or we will drown in our materialistic existence. Those that do not evolve spiritually will suffer the consequences.

  15. The call comes: “IT IS YOU”... The answer comes back: “Yes He is within me”...apparently it was HIM all along!!! Dualistic?

  16. Fata barakallahu ahsanul khaliqeen. I left them suggesting that they live their lives as they please; and now they won’t let me go, asking me to live my life in their way! Impossible!

  17. Those of you that do their prayers and dhikr whilst engaging in gossip need to re-evaluate and consider whether your prayers will be heard.

  18. Salat is the activity of abandoning everything and turning to Allah. If your mind is preoccupied with your daily chores during salat, should this be considered as prayer or just a brief workout?

  19. Saturday night, Sunday morning; we will consume suhoor (pre-dawn meal) up until the grey of day becomes apparent and begin our fast of Ramadan. May Allah bestow the rightful completion of the fast and the benefits it provides upon all believer.

  20. Don’t speak of Allah to those who have been captivated with love for worldly goods, for their bodies have become their deities.

  21. Oh Allah. Give me the awareness that the most perilous flames of Hell are those that scorch us if we change realms before being able to attain closeness to YOU.  The other flames will eventually wane - this one NEVER!

  22. In sight of the Creator, we are specs of nothingness. Your creator needs neither your fast nor your prayer. You perform these acts to discover your essential reality. It’s time you realize why you do what you do...before it’s too late!

  23. To talk of the health benefits of fasting, to highlight these as the ultimate reason for fasting deviates completely from why we fast. Fasting is for man to realize that he is an existence beyond the corporeal, for him to get in touch with his essential reality and realize that he can command his body at will.

  24. There are two drivers of psychological problems; 1. Unmet expectations 2.Being stuck in the past and the inability to live in the moment. The solution: Live without expectation, in the ‘Now’. Yesterday has come and gone.  Don’t become a prisoner of the recordings of your mind, observe that which takes shape and enjoy it.

  25. May Allah take everything I have! Sounds noble but it’s a statement reeking with duality. A confirmation of ego! Duality takes hold when Allah becomes apparent through the veil of ego!

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