1. This disease harms the infected and all those around them. The mildest symptoms are arguments, misery and stress. But the symptoms can turn to VICIOUSNESS AND BESTIALITY and lead to fights, injuries, even murder!

  2. I have two vehicles. One, a 2010 Audi A8, the other a 1945 Aquarius Scorpio/Sagittarius. There is no mention of the first one in the Quran, but the second one is referred to as MAN. A HuMAN is the operator of the vehicle. References in Sufism to the body, and conditionings related to the body refer to man.

  3. All vehicles will remain on earth and perish. However, the conditionings you amass from your vehicle will stay with you after your death. ALL THAT YOU LAY CLAIM TO will cause tremendous suffering. Whatever torments you while alive, will continue to torment you after you die!

  4. Whereas HuMAN’s have been referred to as VICEGERENT in the Quran. THE HUMAN HAS NOT BEEN CREATED, IT HAS BEEN FORMED, BECOME MANIFEST! “I will make upon the earth (the body) a vicegerent (conscious beings who will live with the awareness of the Names).” How do you feel? Like a vicegerent or like flesh and bone?

  5. Are you aware of THE CREATIVE POWER within the dimensional depths of your brain? This is the expanse that has been defined as THE QUALITIES (NAMES) OF ALLAH. Your entrenched conditionings and the data that enters your brain regarding your material existence are what limit your brains infinite potential. ‘This is the way I am, this is all I can do’ are the strongest blockers. In fact, the full potential of the brain manifests itself continually, however it does so in line with existing conditionings. Because we directly associate ourselves with the body, the brain too feels that it is a material being processes information accordingly. Upon experiencing death, the body will cease to exist, but its data will remain, preventing you from utilizing your essential power.

  6. Let me point something out: Think of your DREAMS! Most of you have dreamt of yourselves where you are not flesh and bone. This demonstrates the many facets and forms that your brain can assign to you. So, the original ‘I’ is in reality formless and can assume any form it desires. And now to the main point! It has been said that those in the dimension referred to as heaven can assume many forms of existence. This is PRECISELY the limitless manifestation of the original ‘I’ that is beyond conditionings we previously described! And there is much more!

  7. The ‘feeling’ one has when experiencing this ‘limitless’ experience, can never be understood by another, even if it has been carefully described to them. One is experience it is feeling, the other no more than hearsay.

  8. We are told to pass what is entrusted on to the competent, and that not doing so is a sign of doomsday. It is not the doomsday of the world but THE DOOM OF THOSE THAT FAIL TO GIVE THAT WHICH IS ENTRUSTED TO THE COMPETENT! 

  9. If you are with someone who commands ‘do as i say’ then you are not free; a SLAVE! None can bear to be enslaved by another, their composition won’t allow it. So, you will suffer from the inability to accept your situation. EGO & SELFISHNESS; A FIRE THAT BURNS ALL IT TOUCHES.

  10. The age of the antichrist was described as a time when black appears as white, and white as black, right as wrong and wrong as right. It was said that this is the paradise of the antichrist, THAT IT IS HELL. Is this the age of the antichrist? Who serves him?

  11. Hallucination… The brain creates hallucinations based on its database. The images in your holographic universe are based on two sources. The first is the pre-existing data in the brain’s database. The second is the images based on the data that is acquired continuously through sight. An example for the first source is your dreams and hallucinations, an example for the second is what you refer to as ‘what you see’. It is the imagery created by your brain as a result of sight. The mechanism of the first is that the images that we perceive are based on data that has previously been acquired. Whereas images derived from inspiration or revelation are not acquired by the brain from an external source. Rather it becomes manifest when the brain becomes synchronized with data in its depths. In religious terms, this data is ‘revealed’. Inspiration and revelation are not a fabrication of the brain based on its existing mechanics. They carry knowledge beyond its apparent function. Whereas dreams and hallucinations are fabricated by the brain based on its existing database. Dreams and imagining seeing people during the time of one’s death are all hallucinations. Thoughts, like one is being greeted by loved ones from their past upon death, are fabricated by the brain based on its existing database. Every brain that experiences death loops within its own database. This is called the ‘realm of the grave’. The holographic (non material) brain may also eventually reach the capacity to go beyond space and time, and interact with the realm of the sun during this period, but it will not have any contact with the world. Until doomsday. Until doomsday and the engulfing of the earth by the sun, the brain will continue its holographic existence based on the data obtained during worldly life. Such is Allah’s system of creation. In the existence described as ‘heaven’ the brain (the quantum brain) is beyond form, and can create endless forms with the power of Allah. It does as it wills! I’ll let the saints speak for themselves… This is what has been revealed from within, only Allah knows best.

  12. If unnecessary pressure is being applied on the populace regarding a certain requirement, it’s generally to cover up a completely different cause. Only questioning minds will prevail!

  13. “La ikraha fid deen” there is no compulsion in religion. The call of the Quran to the Rasulallah; “You are not a controller or imposer over them” (Al-Ghashiya & Al-Qaf) FORCED ACTIONS LEAD TO EVEN GREATER REACTIONS. THE HUMAN BRAIN IS LIKE A SPRING; IT FIRST COMPRESSES UNDER PRESSURE, THEN UNCOILS VIOLENTLY! COERCION IS AT ODDS WITH THE SYSTEM OF ALLAH!

  14. Don’t get hung up on the word “prayer”! For the qualities of Allah that are the essence of your brain, every thought, desire, query IS a ‘prayer’. This is HOW Allah provides when you ‘desire’ something. Your prayer is fulfilled FROM YOU to you.

  15. We are all INSPIRED from time to time. INSPIRATION is derived from the data housed in the brain’s subconscious, NOT from its awareness. There are two forms of inspiration; divine inspiration and imagination. Divine inspiration is sourced from the essence, from Oneness. Imagination is based on existing data and desires. Either way, INSPIRATION is one of the ways the brain’s forces direct our lives through divine qualities.  Contemplate, reap the benefits.

  16. The humanoid identifies himself with inputs from the five senses, his fears, his desires. He is limited by his corporeality and unaware of his divine qualities, unaware that he is eternal. The HuMAN, on the other hand, lives with the knowledge of Allah as his essential reality.

  17. Many astrologers are warning that an impending doom is upon us, some even mentioning specific dates. But fear not, as when the planets in question are between the moon and mars, results are often immediate, while the effects of Pluto, Saturn, Uranus conjunctions can take years.

  18. Saints observe Allah though what is manifest by His divine qualities. While the enlightened try to observe Allah by attaching labeled qualities to His manifestations. The first is observation with Allah, the second, observation of Allah.

  19. You live in a holographic existence created by your brain and shaped by your conditionings. Make that existence into your hell or your paradise, it’s up to you…

  20. If you don’t want to regret what follows, or to be sitting and wondering, ‘why is this happening to me’, you have to be objective and evaluate events beyond what your emotions and deceptive surroundings dictate. Blaming others or being filled with remorse will bring nothing back!

  21. What we call the brain is the materialized form of the qualities of Allah, a facet of the name “Az-Zahir”. In its depths, it contains the full potential of the qualities of Allah.

  22. An animation of the galaxy demonstrating its minuteness in light of the overall universe… Now answer this: Religion has come for man to contemplate this infinite vastness, or for him to deify it?

  23. It is impossible for man to grasp the universe that houses trillions of galaxies, to grasp what is referred to by the name “Allah”. There is no god! There is NOTHING in existence aside Allah! The Quran, through its endless metaphors, has been revealed for man to realize his essential reality.

  24. The EGO is the greatest cause of hellish suffering. The EGO always wants others to think and act according to its own desires. “Why don’t they act the way I want them to?!” Whereas this is out of the realm of possibilities. Every One is unique! 

  25. It’s redundant to be angry with ingrates, they have been formed this way. You can’t change them! Ingrates who turn dismiss Allah’s blessings and chase their own desires won’t grasp the consequences until they experience death. Salvation is in distancing oneself from the ungrateful!

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