1. The words 'Love me' are hidden behind every utterance of 'I love you'. Love me so that we can share, become One, become Fulfilled!

  2. Vicergency is a state obtained once absolute closeness occurs. It is a spiritual state and not superficially evident.

  3. He who is internally with Allah has no conditionings or labels. He is in observation. Those with him are not with a man, but with Allah!

  4. Want to understand what is referred to by 'the brain'? Whether you take the scientific route or the Sufi path, you will find the ONE truth!

  5. Some still don't get it. They think that the brain is hardware and that its info is software. In reality, the Brain is ALL software, ALL DATA!

  6. Man exists in the realm of wisdom. Vicergency exists in the realm of POWER, a realm unfathomable to man!

  7. Those that are oblivious of what is referred to by the name Allah are forever doomed to confusion!

  8. Oh my gosh! I can't believe it! That's impossible! Did you ever consider why someone may utter these words upon witnessing an event?

  9. What makes the Brain so special is that it’s a software that processes information via the info in its database and manifests its outcome.

  10. Man exists as Human or Humanoid, also defined as those destined for heaven and those for hell, differentiated by the brains creating the Soul.

  11. The Quran iterates this reality in many verses, however the Hadiths are blatantly clear: None can enter paradise thanks to their own actions.

  12. Allah has created a community for heaven and one for hell! Sahih hadith clearly explains: HUMans are destined for heaven, Humanoids for hell.

  13. HUMans are VICERGENTs on earth! Humanoids, deny the essence of Man, accept themselves as just matter/body, and live for material pleasures!

  14. Brains that lack the capacity to provide the soul with the power to leave hell by the 120th day in the womb are Humanoids destined for hell!

  15. What a miracle that the RasulAllah for warned that the sun will eventually engulf Earth! 1400 years before scientists no less!

  16. Is there someone you truly love? Do you organize your day to maximize your time with them? Or do they just get whatever time you have left?

  17. For Humanoids, hell is the final destination. On the other hand, for HUMan’s it is a purification ground!

  18. Hell is not god’s house of suffering or punishment. It’s where we are cleansed of the conditionings and acceptances acquired during our lives.

  19. “Allah does not wrong the people.” (Yunus 44) Everyone will reap what they sow given their acceptances and conditionings.

  20. Those created for Heaven will be cleansed of their conditionings in hell and move on! Those destined for Hell will be purified and remain.

  21. When you realize that your existence and reality are compositions of Allah's qualities, then all your Fridays (Djuma) will be blessed!

  22. While HUMan's manifest the knowledge of reality, Humanoids just repeat what they hear, eventually falling victim to their desire and ambition.

  23. Great disappointment awaits those who use the knowledge of reality to exalt their ego's. Humanoids occupy the same realm as the antichrist!

  24. HUMan's look at how they live, Humanoids look at how long they live. What matters is How, not WHEN!

  25. Don't bother discussing religion with those that can't differentiate between God and Allah, prophet and Nabi! They prefer repetition to thought!

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