1. Your friend is the one that calls you to experience your essence, not the one that invites you to drown in the material world.

  2. You are not committed to your path unless you are prepared to abandon your world and your taboos. Your occupation defines your priority.

  3. Hatred is a defense mechanism of the brain. When it cannot obtain what it desires, the brain resorts to hatred to avoid disappointment.

  4. Pride dissipates when you love the beloved more than yourself. Only then can you fearlessly confront the possibility of rejection.

  5. If your love is insufficient to withstand rejection, pride will make you suppress or exaggerate everything. Only LOVE overcomes Pride and Ego.

  6. Do some movie characters annoy you even though you know the actors are just following the script? Learn to OBSERVE the script as it unfolds.

  7. DESIRE pushes you to acquisition, LOVE on the other hand is lunacy, a very different position!

  8. The last verses of Surah Baqara say that you are not just responsible for your words, but also your thoughts! High is the cost of prejudice!

  9. Those who wish not to see Allah seek him in the skies above. For those that wish to see him, He is all apparent; Az-Zahir!

  10. Your prayer is your action and your action is Allah's acceptance. For the acceptance of your prayer - Go! Make your move!

  11. If it's the embrace of your beloved you seek, abandon your ego and assumptions!

  12. Your mind will help you reach the realm of wisdom, but Faith and Surrender will unfold the realm of power, of Az-Zahir!

  13. The realm of wisdom is fleeting, only the realm of power is eternal!

  14. When Allah says I do as I will at every instance, and Allah created you and your actions, what remains to be said of the actions of another?

  15. You cannot learn anything new when you listen with the sole intent of criticizing or questioning the speaker. Listen objectively!

  16. It will be too late to recover lost time once He becomes apparent with the name Al-Hasib. Al-Hasib will appear from within, not from above!

  17. Reluctance leads astray, while Love paves the way.

  18. The verse states: "IT IS ALLAH WHO CREATED YOU AND ALL YOUR DOINGS" Now, is there anything that is not the creation of Allah?

  19. Can a "SELFLESS" observation exist, unless Allah, the creator of "ME", doesn't lift the veil of "ME"?

  20. Abdul-Qadir Gilani: "My Rabb proclaimed: Had 'Man' known his station with ME, he would have pleaded; kill 'ME' at each and every instant"!

  21. Allah is all apparent: Az-Zahir! He hid His appearance with the veil of the 'SELF', thus creating 'illusory selves'! You experience the results of what you put forth based on your assumptions and perception! You exist in YOUR INTERNAL WORLD... for ETERNITY!

  22. You criticize me and expect me to live based on your thoughts. If I live my life based on your thoughts, it would be your life, not mine! And had you acted based on my thoughts, you would have been living my life, not yours! We're all satisfied with our thoughts and our lives! Even those that claim to be unsatisfied are in fact satisfied, otherwise they would heed the advice of others and change. Is everyone satisfied? Does no one change? Are there no exceptions? Certainly! How many out of 7 billion living?

  23. If your friends are not friends of Allah, you will always fall far from Allah. Your friends call you towards the material or towards Allah?

  24. Actions derived from those that the Quran describes as your adversary will be your greatest regret in the afterlife.

  25. Nothing can contain that which is inside of you forever. Eventually everything will reveal itself... only then will you understand!!!

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