1. There are many keys to open the gates of knowledge and enter the land of wisdom but only one key to enter the land of power: Love.

  2. Love annihilates the ego; there is no 'me' in love. This selflessness is what enables one to enter the land of power, where miracles occur.

  3. Life without love is a big waste for one with the capacity to love. Only your ego and conditioning can prevent you from being in love, let go!

  4. If you want to see and understand the truth put aside all your prejudice and judgment. You can't get anywhere by claiming "I know!”

  5. This is how far your knowledge got you. If you want to go further don’t let your existing knowledge veil you from the new. Strip the old away!

  6. The organ your life revolves around is the organ that fuels and drives your search for love. The brain? The heart? Or lower…?

  7. Listen to the voice inside! That's the voice calling you to depths you haven't yet discovered... The mind kicks in later, don’t listen to it!

  8. Your credibility is as much as you keep to your word. Your love is as much as you call and keep in connection.

  9. The amygdala doesn't only protect the brain it also guards the ego. Being closed to criticism and the need to defend is the amygdala in action.

  10. Every shoulder you can lean on to find solace and love is the shoulder of Allah, whether you call it mum, dad, friend or lover…

  11. Allah, besides whom nothing exists, can manifest as whatever He wills. As lover or as beloved, as a curse or as hatred, He does as He wills!

  12. Turkey is the Fortress of Islam. Just as it rose from its ashes in the past it will do so again, regardless of what happens!

  13. For love we came to this world, to become nonexistent. For, in love there is no other, there is no me!

  14. It's a waste of energy for the brain to think and talk about things you can't change. Think before you speak and write!

  15. Angels won’t enter a house with pictures (hadith) i.e. if you see yourself as the body (form) you can't discover your angelic (formless) nature.

  16. Only the people of paradise are bodiless though they appear as one, all else feels and thinks they're the body. It's what you feel that matters.

  17. We don't judge anyone's past. Our job is to aid others to serve their present and prepare for their future. Don't judge lest you be judged!

  18. When one without the necessary spiritual training receives the knowledge of Oneness he thinks he's Allah and starts playing god…!

  19. The Pharaoh claimed to be god. His ego was greater than the Satan's, as Satan believed in Allah while the Pharaoh claimed to be Allah.

  20. A saint will not reveal himself; he's under the cover of Allah. He won't talk about his inner world and feelings and pose as a master/guru...

  21. While all creatures/animals were created to struggle and fight, man was created for LOVE, to love and be loved... Look at your life to see where you are.

  22. "I know" is the biggest obstruction in your way from learning new things. Put aside what you know when you're listening to someone...

  23. Saying "Allah is behind my actions" won't save you from hell. Satan had claimed the same thing!

  24. Stingy is one who withholds a smile and a few compliments to make someone happy…

  25. An animal can't become a human by acquiring human knowledge...

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