1. Those "ego-identities" whose hellfire hasn't yet extinguished will continue to burn and never taste the wine of love!

  2. Love is what makes you treat your wife of 30 years like she's your lover of 10 days! If only you can see the face of your beloved everywhere.

  3. Those who don’t take lessons from their experiences & shape their lives via their emotions are bound to burn. Take a lesson don't be a lesson.

  4. If your life lacks peace, tranquility & love then you exist to take not to give, your fire will be abundant & you'll continue to burn.

  5. Arguing is of the fire of hell & it's fuelled by the ego. Stop arguing, start loving and observe beauty. What you give is what you get.

  6. Due to the blockage in the brain, one who commits suicide will repeatedly re-live the same scenario after death & thus continually suffer.

  7. Your body after this biological body will be formed by the data in your brain/spirit, it will be incorporeal, just like in the dream state.

  8. One who can't grasp how the brain currently creates the perception of matter cannot possibly understand life after death & bodiless life.

  9. Just like we perceive matter now, even though nothing is material, the perception of matter will also continue after death, like in a dream.

  10. A name means nothing if the person doesn't reflect its meaning. Like calling yourself a believer without believing in the 'Amantu'.

  11. Religion is an offer & confirmation. The wise ones offer & continue living in the state of paradise, the ignorant, with ego, enforce & argue.

  12. Faith enables contentment, faithlessness spawns dispute. A believer can't be in dispute! He can't fight with Allah or anyone 'besides' Allah!

  13. Those who live in their closed circuit communities dependant on one thought & one source of info, are like paralyzed, being fed by others.

  14. You can't be authentic without your freedom of thought! Imitation leads neither to faith nor to Islam. No room for excuses in the System!

  15. Blaming others for leading you astray is going to be of no avail to you in the hereafter. Each will live the consequences of his own actions.

  16. If two Muslims draw swords against eachother both the killer & the killed will be in Hellfire (Hadith) The killed due to his intention to kill.

  17. One who can’t see the big picture suffices with the small picture they think cheap & seek short-term gains. The big picture is for the immortal.

  18. If you don't know the value of what you possess & don't enjoy your beloved while she/he is with you, the fire of regret awaits you my friend.

  19. If those who can't or don’t want to see where the water is flowing drown in that water one day blaming others will be of no benefit to them.

  20. What is your priority order in life, why are you living, what is your purpose? A wrong priority order will only result in unamendable harm.

  21. Your sincerity is as much as what you do with a genuine want not by what you do out of force tradition or habit. Don't do it if your not genuine.

  22. Like you leave behind the things you live during the day when you fall asleep, all your worldly conflicts will be left behind with death.

  23. No matter how big you play never be sure of Allah's plot! Don’t forget He is al-Hasib & al-Muntaqim. The boomerang symbolizes the truth of life.

  24. See Allah's Names in all, love the doer not the action. If the action contradicts the Truth condemn it but let it not blind you from the doer!

  25. The child, during its formation, is like the mother's organ due to the data that enters her brain, though it parts from her with birth.

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