1. To love Allah is to love that which is your essence and strive for it, not to worship an illusory god. How much are you with your SELF?

  2. He is your ESSENTIAL REALITY. He has already given you EVERYTHING! Yet you continue to worship another and ask of another.

  3. The bestowal is complete, He has created you from His qualities, as His vicegerant! Evaluate this, otherwise suffering will be your state.

  4. You are either bound by your ego or a pure manifestation of the One. Only the ONE remains once the veil of the ego is lifted.

  5. The events that are taking place in Turkey and their eventual outcomes were foreseen years ago: how should these prophecies be evaluated?

  6. Life is short! Great suffering awaits if we are unprepared for the inevitable future. Seek contentment in the afterlife, not worldly life!

  7. Has one adopted Islam if he views those outside of his own community as sinners and tries to have them slaughtered or crushed by tanks?

  8. The revivor's (mahdi) path is to give guidance, knowledge and life to humanity, NOT to murder those that don't follow in his footsteps.

  9. What kind of man of faith would order people to be massacred, crushed by tanks, shot down from helicopters, and parliaments to be bombed?

  10. How can one with faith in Allah and the afterlife shoot innocent people from a helicopter or crush them with a tank? Upon whose ruling/fatwa?

  11. How repetitive! What I have put forth in the past continues to prove wrong those that insist on following the masses. Again, and again…

  12. My friends have finally seen the light! My forewarnings from 20 and 30 years ago have been materializing. Stay tuned, more will unravel!

  13. Events in Turkey are unraveling one by one, and there is more to come! Redemption is with those who follow the verse; Flee to Allah!

  14. People will live out their creational purpose - That's unalterable. You can however challenge fallacious opinions.

  15. For years we have addressed ideas rather than people. It's out of principle that we don't engage verbal aggressors, not lack of replies!

  16. Turkey: There is a dramatic shift in the views of journalists that until weeks ago were anti Islam/anti religion. Miraculous is in not?

  17. Turkey: Signs of the Rasul in light of recent days. If Allah wills, His religion and believers will be protected by the hand of non-believers.

  18. UNIFY under Allah, the Rasul and the Quran. UNIFY against all attempts to subdivide you. Know well that the time has come! It is now time for all to gather on the path that knows neither sect nor denomination, neither does it allow for discrimination. It is the path of ABSOLUTE UNITY.

  19. Sooner or later Allah will put you in need of those you excluded. Does the verse believers are brothers discriminate based on denomination? The verse Indeed, the believers are brothers means: you are rejecting the Faith of the one you don't see as a brother. It's on YOU.

  20. Heedlessness from the verse 'it is Allah that created you and all your doings' is what drives a curse to revert back to its originator. Excuses that Nabi's make against providing intercession need to be understood. No intercession can come from a Nabi who curses his people. Muhammedan saints will never lay a curse. For they are continuously in a state of witnessing the ONE. It is only states of heedlessness that can lead to laying a curse.

  21. On August 10th, Mars will cross Saturn in Sagittarius. Simultaneously it will form a 180 degree angle with Uranus. Time to be careful! Mars, accelerator of war and conflict, joins Saturn, instigator of discipline, pressure and tyranny against Uranus, changer of the statusquo! The mechanism and system of Allah is at work - None can prevent what is in store. Let's see what Allah does, splendid is whatever he does!

  22. You might not like the events that unfold unexpectedly. Only much later will you realize the good hidden within them. Baqara 216: Fighting has been ordained for you, even though you despise it. Perhaps you dislike a thing that is good for you and like a thing that is bad for you. Allah knows, but you know not.

  23. Don't despair! The darkest moment is just before dawn! Cold winter winds give way to summers warmth. Relief ensues after all difficulty!

  24. Don't concern yourself with the difficulties that lie ahead. Regardless of all schemes against it, the divine plan for Turkey is victory. Betrayal shall not stand in the way of victory for Islam. Don't get caught up in the day-to-day and despair. Ahlullah is with the sincere.

  25. A conscience requires Intelligence. The whisper of the conscience becomes undetectable to the broken mind.

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