1. You never existed in the first place, existence belongs only to Allah. 'Allah created you and your doings' as well as your heaven and hell!

  2. The Brain functions independently of YOU. Can you speak of freewill when you can't control the decision-making process of the brain?

  3. No matter how much the clouds darken your world, beyond them lies the brightness of the sun. Soar above them and you will be enlightened!

  4. If you cannot free yourself from that which pulls you into the dark, your existence will be darkness. Learn to soar towards the light!

  5. The holographic/quantum brain harbors data and lives eternally. It creates the illusion of existence based on that data.

  6. Understand the brain, otherwise your imagination and understanding of religion will be formed by its examples and metaphors.

  7. Data in the form of waves is the only thing that reaches the brain. The brain converts those waves to form the illusion that we call reality. That which you think you see or hear is none other than the illusion formed by your brain from the wave/data it receives.

  8. You can't change the past. You can however prevent suffering due to events that took place in the past. Change how you label your past!

  9. We each have a role in life and based on that role our path is also set out for us. Realize this and you will be ALL forgiving!

  10. No need to pay astrologers or religious teachers to find out which dhikr you should be doing. Download Power of Prayer for free on our site.

  11. Religion should never be a source of financial gain. Religion ought not be taught or shared in return for money! You cannot buy enlightenment - it's not for sale! It's impossible to correctly learn religion from those that gain financially from it.

  12. I wish salaam and health as we enter the new year based on the Hijra of the Rasul (saw). May Allah be our guide!

  13. The struggle comes to an end once desires and ambition have been reigned in, and a state of closeness to one's essence is attained.

  14. If you seek inner peace, abandon your sense of ownership. Realize that you never truly own that which you will eventually leave behind.

  15. Oppression will only serve to push people to hypocrisy and insincerity! Never exercise control through fear or other means.

  16. The wish to protect the body is the basis of fear. The wish to control what you believe to be material. Whereas YOU are an ethereal being!

  17. 'You won't die before confronting your fears' means that you won't become aware of your essential reality unless you die before death!

  18. Your fears dissipate when you face them and learn to ignore them. Dying before death is attaining awareness that you are ethereal and immortal.

  19. Like the biological body, the soul too will be abandoned by the people of Paradise. Consciousness, totality of self is all that remains.

  20. Your hellfire consists of your made-up values and assumptions. You suffer as you free yourself from them. Your suffering is the grace of Allah.

  21. The hadith 'you awaken with death' is revealed by the adage 'die before your death'. Thus, existence beyond the quantum potential is illusory.

  22. Death is the changing of your plane of perception.

  23. There are three planes of perception: Life, purgatory/hell and paradise. Everyone's 'world' will dictate their perception of these planes.

  24. Those that cannot figure out that their world is illusory and that their life experiences are no more than a test are destined for suffering.

  25. When Man observes himself in the reflection of Allah he becomes The Perfect Man while Allah observes his reflection through The Perfect Man.

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