1. Suffering (hell) is caused by assuming an (or your) existence outside of Allah.

  2. Have you ever thought about what you are prepared to give up for the one you love? How deep is your love?

  3. The happiest couples are the ones who avoid involving a third person into their marriage. Even involving children makes three a crowd!

  4. The bond between couples of habit who don't share the same goals in life fluctuates between two extremes: bliss and pandemonium.

  5. Not being able to remain separate out of habit forces a tormented togetherness, as each lives his own life. Only lovers live One life!

  6. Don't confuse habit with love! The key lies in the outlook. Couples of habit are cross-eyed, while lovers see through the eye of the beloved!

  7. The lover stands together and becomes one with the beloved. He seeks togetherness at each instant, suffers and seeks the beloved when apart.

  8. Serenity is attained through observation without expectation. Whereas lack of assimilation irrevocably distances you from Allah.

  9. Blaming another and seeing Allah as separate are dualistic. If you observe that the other is non other than Allah, then why the quarrel?

  10. You are veiled from Allah by all that you can't assimilate. Anger or sorrow, signs of lack of assimilation stem from not knowing Allah!

  11. In Sufism, divine intoxication is a state attained as a result of sensible lunacy (Lunatic: those that Allah attracts onto Himself).

  12. Preconditioned minds that function on the basis of assumptions can never comprehend divine intoxication or Lunacy (the attracted).

  13. Minds that are attracted by the material world are incapable of evaluating minds that are attracted to Allah. You, cannot do onto Allah! Allah will have you do onto Him... if he has chosen you. If you are not of the chosen, your actions are in vain!

  14. It's not world affairs, rather what you bring into your life that shapes your existence. No need to concern yourself with world affairs.

  15. To concern yourself over affairs where you have no involvement is self-cruelty. They occur independently of you! Know yourSELF!

  16. The lover does whatever it takes to be with the beloved. The lover knows no boundary. Desire and love are completely separate notions.

  17. If its cars, homes, work, even knowledge that you desire, know well that once obtained, your desires will remain unquenched.

  18. Desire leads to ambition. Ambition fuels the ego. The ego empowers itself through the sense of ownership and rule which gives way to tyranny.

  19. The verse: 'Did you not see the one who has deified his desires' signals that desire veils one from knowing himself and knowing Allah.

  20. Why should the business of others be of any concern to you? Will you be questioned about their actions? Is this your existential purpose??

  21. The epitome of heedlessness: questioning the actions of others to the point of neglecting to question oneself.

  22. One abandons himself to an emotional existence if misery is in the cards!

  23. There is a causality to emotion: The amygdala builds emotionality based on the minds internal data.

  24. A function of the amygdala is satanic: it distorts pure knowledge: Quran and Hadith to use them falsely to safeguard its existing cognizance.

  25. The amygdala will readily utilize all of the data inherent in the brain to prevent the knowledge of reality from annihilating the ego.

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