1. Islam & the Quran have not come to lock the people into the past but to prepare them for the future. Still the "body-spirit" duality?!!

  2. Energy fields are decoded by our brains into a 3D picture, to give the illusion of a physical world.

  3. Awareness of Allah is as much as the perceived Names. In terms of His Absolute Essence He cannot be defined. The 'I' is His Names.

  4. Allah has no attributes. He is free from the concept of attributes. Servitude is the manifestation of the compositions of His Names.

  5. He who understands the creation system (sunnatullah) of Allah knows there's no room for choice. Each acts according to what its been created.

  6. If its Allah who says 'I' & 'I do as I will' in every language, who are you fighting? Who can help if you're here to experience heedlessness?

  7. He created man & jinn so that they may be in service. And all are, at every instance, in service to the Names whether consciously or not.

  8. Is it possible that Allah, who constantly renews all things, is not going to renew how religion is perceived, fixating it to 1400 years ago?

  9. Allah creates various tastes with His Names & forms taste buds accordingly; one who gains insight to the secret will 'taste' not 'criticize'.

  10. Your fear results from your anticipations. Understand well the warning "You will not die until you live what you fear." A saint has no fear!

  11. All of the multidimensional universes are the manifestations of the Names of Allah. Believe it or understand it.

  12. What you think is what you will inevitably live. Think well before you think!

  13. All of your thoughts, emotions and fears comprise your PRAYER! Your Rabb responds to these prayers. You will live all of them in due time!

  14. Your prayer is your future! Do you ask to acquire &live by the morals of Allah or the ethics of your town? Your living what you've asked for.

  15. To think one is the body & Allah is a god in space is the greatest wrong one can do to himself. Your most important task to fix this mistake.

  16. One who cannot understand UNITY, the core message & the soul of the Quran, cannot understand the mystery of fate & destiny.

  17. Can your brain, in its hologram/dream world with its limited perception capacity, know the truth of the universe comprised of infinite data?

  18. Allah elevates & debases whom He wills. It is He makes you love or feel turned off. The hearts are between His two fingers (knowledge&power).

  19. To love is to accept the beloved unconditionally. One who truly loves will sacrifice his 'self' for the beloved.

  20. Let not your actions contradict your knowledge. Sufficient is your conscience as judge. Persistence in error is a sign of a strong ego.

  21. One who likes something about you will eventually dislike something about you and turn away. But one who LOVES you will never abandon you!

  22. Your ego wants everyone to be in service to itself & when it doesn't get what it wants it burns. Everything is in service to the Rabb!

  23. I exist not to argue with Allah who has formed everything with His Names but to be pleased with all that He does & observe His wisdom.

  24. An impulsive momentary emotional reaction can result in a lifetime of regret! You can never replace what you lose!

  25. How sad it is for one who has been created to love & experience love fully in every instant, to waste his life ambitiously trying to "own"!

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