1. The unaware focus on and chatter about others, whereas the knowing focus on and discuss ideas. Observe and apperceive whom you face!

  2. "None can deter what He provides; none can provide what He provides not; none can alter His judgement." Muhammad (saw) Life reality prayer.

  3. When Allah bestows goodness, we become ordained with questioning; contemplation; CLEAR perception; and an evaluation of NOW void of the past.

  4. "Had your Rabb willed, all those who live on earth would surely have believed, all of them entirely..."

  5. Descriptions of paradise are symbolic and allegoric. Analyze these verses carefully: Quran 52:20.

  6. How to define "Man", his structure, his formation, and his "partner"?

  7. When the verse "IKRA=READ" was disclosed, no written text was in existence. What was he meant to READ?

  8. Your judgments form preconceptions, which lead to emotions. You can never see nor evaluate the reality until you purify your self from them!

  9. Your mind is constantly occupied with that which you will leave behind. Take time to research and question your eternal, bodiless existence.

  10. If people were to collectively pray for a specific cause simultaneously, regardless of where they are, their prayers should be answered.

  11. "If We had so willed, We could have enabled every being to realize its essential reality..."

  12. If your definition of Allah is not aligned with the concept of "ALLAH" defined in the Quran by Muhammad (saw), then you are of the dualists.

  13. Allah says: "I do as I will". Where and when does this occur? Think hard! Make sure that your faith and your perception of life are aligned.

  14. All your experiences occur in the holographic universe of your mind, similar to a shift from dreams to daydreams.

  15. Religion is the system by which Allah creates and forms. Science solves the mechanics behind the symbols and metaphors of religion.

  16. The meaning of "In the sight of Allah religion is Islam" is that everything becomes manifest by the knowledge, will, and power of Allah.

  17. Do not blame others based on your assumptions without knowing their reasons; try to understand them, lest you become regretful.

  18. Church based scientists have now come to realize there is no "god". Those who know & believe in Allah have been aware of this for 1400 years.

  19. The Quran says there is no "other" than Allah, and if there were it would have been a deity. It all comes to knowing who "Allah" references!

  20. While millions of our Muslim brothers are undergoing torture and dying under military dictatorship we cannot celebrate the joy of Eid!

  21. "Allah" should not be perceived as a "god" out there. There is no "you" & "Him" there is only the One named "Allah".

  22. Either console yourself with the repetition of 1400-year-old metaphors or recognize the miracles of the Quran in light of modern science!

  23. Muhammad (saw) shows the way to the knowledge of the reality with his words "I am the city of knowledge & Ali is its gate."

  24. Ali (ra), the gate of knowledge, says, "The secret of the Quran is in the Basmalah, whose secret is in the letter B."

  25. The secret of the letter B explains why the Quran was revealed, and the difference of Muhammad (as) & Islam from previous Rasuls & religions.

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