1. Materialistic philosophy has gone bankrupt but the atheists and the materialistic Muslims are still not aware.

  2. All things perceived & unperceived are none but the Names of Allah. Consider the verse "So wherever you turn there is the face of Allah"!

  3. Nobody can prevent what Allah wills to manifest in His knowledge & none can form what He does not will! Whether you believe in this or not!

  4. The intellectually limited one thinks he has to submit to Allah whereas the entire existence is already in submission!

  5. Hence the verse says, "The religion (system & order) in the sight of Allah is Islam (the whole of creation is in a state of submission)."

  6. Stop looking for the Satan outside & try to see your own demons! It is your own internal demons that cause you to live in a state of hell.

  7. The future is the past for the one whose past has not taught him a lesson.

  8. Those with whom you’re arguing are sleeping in their bed (world) while you are suffering because of them. Forget it. Live the moment.

  9. All sentences that start with "I know but..." show that either you don't believe in what you know or that you don't really know it.

  10. Every calamity that befalls you is with the will of Allah. You may either accept this as a believer or deny that Allah is its creator.

  11. Which outside world & its reality can you talk about when you’re living in the hologram world created by the sense perception of your brain?

  12. How will you evaluate your life when you’re left alone with your brain in the hologram world (grave) formed by your perceptions?

  13. The disbeliever is one who denies his essential reality - that he is comprised of the names of Allah.

  14. The dualist is one who claims, "I exist" when in reality nothing other than the Names of Allah exist.

  15. If imagination is the support of life, disappointment is its reality. If you did wrong yesterday don't expect a miracle today.

  16. What you're living today is the consequence of what you did yesterday.

  17. "B-ismi-Allah-arRahman-arRahim", based on the letter B, means: The One whose name is Allah, the Rahman & Rahim, comprises my essence!

  18. Don’t just say I believe or don’t believe in the One whose name is Allah. Realize what Allah means lest your world & eternal life becomes hell.

  19. The letter B signifies the administration of Allah not from afar but with His qualities in your brain. This is what Sufism is based upon.

  20. Allah refers to the infinite limitless One, Rabb -to whom we commonly pray- refers to the composition of Allah's Names that comprise you.

  21. When the Quran says, "you have been given little of this knowledge" in regards to the spirit, it is addressing the Jews, not the Muslims.

  22. Ghazali asserts "there is no saint who does not know the reality of the spirit, for this is the reality upon which sainthood is founded".

  23. One devoid of the knowledge of the spirit is devoid of the reality.

  24. A name is a pointer to that which is named. Allah is also a name. Who/what does it point to? This is what matters most in life.

  25. Repeating things you hear won't add anything to your life! Question your belief with sincerity & let not your answer be another repetition!

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