1. Love so that you may be loved! Love attracts love, hatred attracts hatred! What you generate will come back to you.

  2. To recognize the essence of your beloved; to love unconditionally; to be with your beloved at all times. This is the purpose of life.

  3. One who "loves" shares their love and desires everyone to love it, but one who "likes" takes ownership and claims, "you are mine".

  4. Freedom is to live your life with your own intellect and in line with your own knowledge..

  5. One who lives according to "others" cannot be free! One who is "herded" cannot speak of freedom.

  6. How can a brain, which thinks ‘universally’, be conditioned by 'local' value judgments?

  7. Is one who lives under the automation of memorized knowledge and acquired value judgments a 'human' or an organic robot?

  8. The intelligent are those who know how to be silent in places where the intellect is not used.

  9. Choose your interactions with care. Interacting with the wrong person can give the impression that you are on the same level with them.

  10. If you are troubled or grieved by something, stop blaming others and ask yourself, "Where am I going wrong?"

  11. One who claims, "The world should revolve as I please and everyone should live their lives as I like" has been created to 'burn'!

  12. May our Rabb enable the realization and evaluation of the realities disclosed by Muhammad (saw) with ease.

  13. There is not an instance of idleness in the universe. You're either getting closer or further away.

  14. The greatest ingratitude is one that is shown to those who LOVE you unrequitedly and without vested interests.

  15. Everything is lived and lost; LOVE is Everlasting!

  16. All judgements made about life by one who is unaware of the mechanism of the brain are mere attempts to satisfy the self.

  17. Truth is completely different to what is perceived!

  18. One who doesn't comprehend the brain & its system, lives with, gets angry at, and calls to account his own imaginary God. And then he burns!

  19. Your only chance to not burn is by comprehending the One referenced as Allah; the qualities denoted by His Names & the reality of your brain.

  20. Your brain is the manifestation center of Allah's will and power! Believe, trust and apply without doubt. You will succeed.

  21. Do not think of your brain as flesh; in respect of the quantum potential comprising its essence, it is the embodiment of the Names of Allah!

  22. Fasting is a personal issue, whether one does or not, its consequence binds only them!

  23. There is no compulsion and insistence in religion; lest it leads one to hypocrisy!

  24. To idolize is to invoke an external god with words & actions you don't understand. To worship is to know & live the meaning of your actions.

  25. The indicator of a closed/locked brain is the tendency to deny without any questioning or inquiry. Conservatism is being closed to the new!

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